Taboo: Where Secrets Come to Play

Entering their 19th year of competition, Music City Mystique is ready to begin another season. After months of planning and collaboration between the creative staff, the 7-time World Champion ensemble will present “Taboo: Where Secrets Come to Play” as their 2013 production.

Josh Nelson, Executive Director, said “This is a show that naturally fits the persona of Mystique, yet is so different from anything that we’ve ever done. Our goal is always to give the audience something different while pushing our own musicality and the boundaries of visual design. I’m confident that this is something that will accomplish all of those things and more. We’re very excited to get it out on the floor.”

This season’s production is an original composition by Shane Gwaltney, Erik Johnson, and Tony Nunez. The entire design team from 2012 will be returning including Josh Nelson (Executive Director), Shane Gwaltney (Program Coordinator, Battery and Visual arranger), Erik Johnson (Music Coordinator, Front Ensemble arranger), Don Click (Creative Director) and Tony Nunez (Sound Design).

Additional staff members include Neal Booker, Jack Borland, Daniel Brown, John Harvill, Meagan Hills, Mark Hunter, Matt Jordan, Ben Lupton, Rob Pastor, Adam Sones, Hunter Stricklin, and Chris Watson.

New to Staff 2013 are Angelo Outlaw, Drew Guy, and Luke Willingham

Catch Taboo: Where Secrets Come to Play at the Indianapolis and Mid-South regionals, as well as the 2013 World Championships in Dayton, Ohio.