Music City Mystique, the reigning WGI Independent World Champion, is excited to begin the 2012 season. Josh Nelson, Executive Director, said “We are very pleased with how quickly things are shaping up for this year. We saw the largest turnout ever at auditions with amazing new talent, along with what makes McM great – our strong returning veterans. Coming off of our 7th world championship, we have a lot of momentum and drive to keep pushing forward into our 18th competitive season. We are very excited about this year’s show; it will definitely be one that you will never forget.”

This season’s production, Nü-Tribe, is an original composition by Shane Gwaltney, Erik Johnson, and Tony Nunez. Mystique, known as the masters of storytelling, will take the audience on a journey of adventure and self-discovery. The cast members will embark on an epic expedition that will immerse the fans into a spectacular world beyond imagination. Each year, Music City Mystique presents some of WGI’s most anticipated presentations and 2012 will be no different. The musical and visual detailing will reward repeated viewings. Nü-Tribe is packed with vision and ambition and is designed to be a fully immersive technical wonder.

Six additional staff members are joining the Music City Mystique program this season. Mark Hunter, snare technician with Phantom Regiment, will be joining in the same capacity. Returning to McM this year are former members John Harvill (Bass Drum tech), Shane Crocker (Snare tech), Neal Booker (Cymbal tech), Nate Michal (Bass Drum tech), and Ben Lupton (Quad tech).

The entire design team from 2011 will be returning including Josh Nelson (Executive Director), Shane Gwaltney (Program Coordinator, Battery and Visual arranger), Erik Johnson (Music Coordinator, Front Ensemble arranger), Don Click (Creative Director) and Tony Nunez (Sound Design).

Returning staff members include Meagan Hills, Rob Pastor, Craig Loeffler, Phil Morgan, Tim Maynard, Josh Wolfman King, Chris Watson, Jack Borland, Adam Sones, Joey McCauley, Henry Go, Tom McGillen and Daniel Brown.